A White Christmas in Colorado

By Patriot Games


The mighty Black Truck has always been destined for snow. Its matte black wrap and menacing stance has had planned, but unrealised, trips to the Victorian High Country, Mongolia and the USA since the day it rolled out of Patriot Campers HQ. But for season 2 of Patriot Games Justin finally got to roll his favourite Supertourer build through the snow-covered trails of Colorado’s Alpine Loop.


The Alpine Loop is as harsh as it is scenic and Justin and Sarah were joined by the crew from Exploration Outfitters who retail Patriot Campers in the States. Matt Green from EO is driving a near replica of the Superam and together they form a monstrous convoy as they attempt to climb to Odom Point, a summit 13,000ft above sea level.


“We’re going to show these American boys how we go wheeling downunder” says Justin



The Black Truck put the word Supertourer into the vocabulary of every overlander in Australia and it’s loaded up with all the good gear. TJM winches, TJM barwork, X-Ray lights and GME whips to name a few.


With Sarah riding shotgun in the Black Truck, Justin ascends the rocky trail leading to the peak. The pine trees and mountain scenery were breathtaking and as they climbed higher the snow began to fall.


“My bullbar has never seen snow before!” Justin shouts over the radio as the wipers clear the falling snow from the windscreen


After conquering the jagged rocks of Moab, Utah with the camper trailers in tow, Justin’s been keen to take on more of the USA’s challenging trails.


“In Australia we don’t have rock crawling this hardcore, but I feel like I had a little bit of an adventure after our last visit to Moab” says Justin.


But at this altitude things could be over well before they reach the summit.


“This truck can tackle any terrain, but at this altitude I can feel that it wasn’t liking it as much as sea level back in Australia.”


The epic finale to Patriot Games season 2 airs on Nine in December 2018.


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