How to Achieve the Perfect Communication Setup

By Oricom


When you are heading off-road, there is no limit to the hazards you may encounter. UHF CB radios have become an increasingly important companion when it comes to safety in the wild and untamed Australian bush. All off-road vehicles, especially those heading into secluded areas of the bush, should ensure they fit and install quality UHF CB radio equipment, which will assist in relaying messages along the convoy, or listening to condition updates on the trail ahead.

Taking tough and reliable communication equipment is critical for you and your companions’ safety. These holidays make sure you are ready for whatever summer throws at you by following these tips for selecting the right Communications setup.


Designated Safety Reporter?

You’ll understand the frustration of needing to switch between multiple channels if you’ve pulled the short straw and been lumped as the designated listener for updates on safety and conditions.

If you don’t want to miss out on the banter from your mates this summer, you’ll need to invest in a UHF radio that will allow you to listen to two channels simultaneously.

The Oricom DTX4200 5-Watt UHF CB radio, is an Australian first dual receiving UHF Radio, allowing you to banter with your convoy while you’re listening to condition updates on another channel. (link to YWE catalogue offer)


Serial Phone Killer?

We all know how rough handheld UHF’s get treated at the best of times. But if you own a 5-year-old Nokia and known as the serial phone killer among your family, you are going to need a tough and reliable handheld UHF.

Ensuring you have a tough and reliable handheld could mean all the difference when you’re away from civilization. Summer storms, mud, uneven terrain and large heavy vehicles all pose a threat to the survival of your handheld. So you will need grab something tough enough to withstand against all of elements and work perfectly when communication is needed the most.

The ULTRA550 from Oricom is rated IP67 which guarantees water immersion of up to 1m for 30 minutes. Its built tough, and its diecast metal chassis and large backlit screen will not disappoint.


Travelling rough or hilly terrain?

Your UHF CB radio is only ever as good as your antenna installation and the type of terrain you are in. 3dBi antennas have a wide pattern which is ideal of undulating terrain whereas the more popular 6-6.5dBi antennas offer greater distance on flatter or slightly uneven terrain.

Oricom have combined the best of both in the one antenna, the ANU1200, which features a new unique quick convert system for fast, hassle free interchangeability of whips to change the antenna from a 3dBi into a 6.5dBi antenna. Enjoy the comfort of clear communication, despite the terrain.


Ensuring you own high quality UHF CB radio equipment when you’re exploring our vast country should always be paramount in your planning. So, get your hands on some vital communication equipment this Summer.

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