Ricko’s Top Travel Tips

By Rick O’Brien – Offroad Adventure Show

Limited on space?

Only take what you need and nothing more.



It’s a great idea to know where you can find fuel, no matter how much you can carry.


Taking a Caravan?

If you’re taking a caravan or trailer, do your research so you know where you can, or cannot go!


Quite often the difference between a good trip, and a great trip is in the details. As Benjamin Franklin once famously said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. We’ve learnt the hard way about how the little things can often put a downer on a trip, such as not knowing that the servo between here and there doesn’t sell LPG, or that the first aid kit is still sitting in the garage.


The best thing to do is to sit down and write out your planned itinerary, include where you are going, the route there, and plan fuel stops along the way. Even note down those servos that you may not need, just in case! Secondly, do some research on the route – you might just stumble across a hidden gem of a campsite online that you may have otherwise missed! The next thing to do is to write a list of what you’ll need for the trip, and this is especially helpful if you have kids. Tick everything off that list as it goes into the car, caravan or camper trailer, and never make the mistake of assuming your partner has packed it. Trust me on that one!


The last thing to do is to always have a contingency, a “Plan B” up your sleeve. You never know, the mechanical gods may give you grief and cut your trip short, you may encounter bad weather – the list is endless but if you have a plan to deal with the likely issues, you’ll stress less and be far more likely to have a great adventure!


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