Sean Scott Travels Australia with TJM

Words and Images by Sean Scott


Sean Scott is a professional photographer who has recently partnered with TJM to create the perfect offroad touring and photography vehicle. Sean is one of Australia’s most well-known photographers, travelling the globe for his work over the past 15 years. Here he tells his story and explains why he chose to reach out to TJM.


I have always loved the outdoors and camping has been a large part of my whole life. After discovering photography in my twenties and quickly making that my full-time profession, I soon learned how I could combine both my passion and bring my family to work with me. I have worked with tourism boards around the world which has allowed me to travel and showcase these locations through my photography.


Travelling, camping and photographing Australia’s most iconic locations is not really a job but my passion and something I can see myself doing forever.


Over the last two years I have travelled around Australia twice, driving sponsored vehicles from Toyota. After those two trips I realised it was time to design my own dream vehicle and I started researching and developing a wish-list of what would make the perfect outback photography truck.


I decided on a Dual Cab 79 Series LandCruiser and TJM was the obvious partner for my vehicle protection equipment. Not only does it look great in my photographs, but everything works very well and has done an incredible job. We fitted the TJM Outback Bull Bar, TJM Side Bars and Steps, TJM Winch, TJM Airtec Snorkel and TJM Narva Driving Lights. I knew that all these products would be needed for the remote outback locations that I live and work in.



It wasn’t a hard decision to choose TJM products as I have used TJM Bull Bars on my previous 4WDs and was always happy with the performance and styling. TJM is also very well known and respected in the Australian 4WD market so I was confident in my selection. I have made it a priority to always partner with the best brands in their class and I knew that the TJM products I chose would make my truck look fantastic and help in the overall aesthetic I was wanting to achieve when photographing my vehicle in these locations.

At time of writing the truck has only been in action for about three months, but I’ve already been reminded why I chose the TJM gear. I am constantly brushing aside shrubs in remote tracks that would damage my side panels if it wasn’t for the Bull Bar and Side Bars. The Side Steps are used daily to help me gain access to the roof racks and the Bull Bar also hold my antennas for the UHF radio and my Cel-Fi mobile booster for the outback locations.


In a few months I head off around Australia and will be focusing on the Nullarbor, the Pilbara and the Kimberlys. It will be the first time I have had my own fully equipped vehicle out in these locations and I already know how epic it is going to be.  Stay tuned for some fresh image of my TJM 4×4 Equipped photography truck in some of Australia’s wildest locations.



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